3 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Garage Door

While we install and repair garage doors on a daily basis, you can do simple things a few times of a year to help keep your garage door in working order. Maintaining your garage door may help to prevent garage door repairs down the road, but can also help you identify potential issues before they happen. As always, stay clear of the garage door torsion spring.

Garage door maintenance can be broken down into 3 easy steps:

  1. Garage Door Cleaning
  2. Garage Door Inspection
  3. Garage Door Lubrication

1. Garage Door Cleaning:

As the proud owner of a quality garage door, you will want it to be clean. Keeping your garage door clean is not only visually pleasing, but is also a part of garage door maintenance. This is especially important if you live near salt-water as the garage door can accumulate salt residue and promote corrosion of the garage door system as a whole. Cleaning your garage door is as simple as mixing car wash soap with warm water and washing the door with a sponge or cloth. Follow up with a thorough rinse and you are all set. For wood doors, a cleaning can be a bit more complex so we suggest contacting a professional for advice and/or cleaning service. You can clean the inside of the garage door the same way but we suggest knocking any cobwebs or debris with a broom first. Be careful to clean only the garage door with water/soap... not the lubricated moving parts, opener, or other electronic components.

2. Garage Door Inspection:

We have written a number of articles about inspecting your garage door. Unfortunately, most people do this after the garage door is already broken. You should consider inspection as part of your garage door maintenance plan. Garage door inspection can be as easy as taking a good look at moving parts like springs, cables, rollers, and chains. Watch these parts as the garage door opens and closes. If movement isn't fluid or looks impeded, you should have a professional garage door repair service check it out. If any parts look worn or frayed, you should do the same. Aside from moving parts, also check hinges and bolts in case any are loose. If you'd like a full professional garage door inspection, there are additional steps that will be taken but these simple visual inspections can help to catch problems early on.

3. Garage Door Lubrication:

This is something we would recommend leaving to the professionals if you are at all uncomfortable with it. You can usually lubricate garage door hinges, springs, rollers (metal), and bearings with a nonsilicon-based lubricant but be sure to follow the recommendations of the garage door manufacturer or installer. Make sure to use proper hand, skin, and face protection and follow all guidelines of the garage door manufacturer and installer.

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