Benefits of an Insulated Garage Door

To most, a garage door is a garage door... simple as that. If you've ever been in the market for a garage door, you know that isn't the case. There are lots of garage door options, brands, styles, features, price points, and more to select from. One of the most important differentiating factors of a garage door is whether it is insulated or not. Most likely the garage door that came with your home is not insulated. It is easy to see if this the case simply by looking at the back of the garage door. If the back of the garage door is just a metal frame and you can see the back of the front-facing door panels, then your garage door is not insulated. A properly insulated garage door will be enclosed from the back, resulting in a smooth surface on the back of the garage door.

If you are in the market for a garage door, you should strongly consider an insulated garage door upgrade. The cost is a bit higher, but the value is well worth the cost increase.

An insulated garage door is primarily intended for energy savings and temperature control. A regular garage door will contribute to energy waste even if it is fully sealed. A regular garage door's panels are thin and provide practically no insulation between the garage area and the outdoor weather. An insulated garage door provides an efficient barrier against outside temperatures, keeping your garage's temperatures more stable. This also provides an efficiency boost for your home as it now has an extra layer of insulation protecting it from outside temperatures. An insulated garage door also allows your garage to be more comfortable in both hot and cold weather as the temperature is stabilized within the garage. In the summer, a non-insulated garage door can make your garage feel like an oven. In the winter, a non-insulated garage door can make your garage feel like an icebox. With an insulated garage door the garage will suffer less heat exchange, resulting in more comfortable conditions. This is important if you store things in your garage that should not see extreme hot or cold temperatures such as electronics or if you spend time in your garage working on a car or other hobbies.

Beyond temperature control, an insulated garage door also offers benefits such as sound dampening, better looks, and better durability. An insulated garage door provides additional noise control over a regular garage door. While a typical garage door is just a single thin layer of metal, an insulated garage door typically consists of two layers of thicker metal along with thermal insulation... all of which contribute to significant noise dampening characteristics. This is a big plus if you live in a loud suburb or near a busy street. An insulated garage door offers better looks than a typical garage door as well since the back of the door is enclosed. The garage door will look just as finished from the interior of the garage as it does from the exterior. Due to the improved construction materials and enclosed construction, an insulated door is sturdier than a normal garage door as well. An insulated garage door is highly resistant to dents and dings and is sturdier in high winds than a typical basic garage door. One of the most commonly under-appreciated benefits of an insulated garage door is its quiet operation. Due to the enclosed construction and sturdier materials, the door is less noisy when being opened or closed.

You can view insulated garage door specs, features, color options, windows options, panel options, and more in our garage doors section.

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