Garage Door Types: A Quick Guide to Selecting the Right Garage Door

If you have just started looking for a new garage door, chances are you've seen lots of different styles and types, maybe more than you expected. While there are a few main garage door types that are most common, we thought it would be helpful to try and make sense of the options available for our customers. After all, selecting a new garage door is a big decision and it can also be a big opportunity to improve the looks and efficiency of your home.

Garage Door Types

In their most basic categories, garage doors can be divided into 4 primary types: roll up garage doors, slide-to-the-side garage doors, swing up garage doors, and swing out garage doors. The most common and usually the most practical of these is the roll up. A roll up garage door is sectional (usually 2-4 horizontal sections) and is retracted by a garage door opener along metal rails. A roll up door does require some ceiling space and electricity, so a swinging or sliding garage door may be useful for barns, storage buildings, or low clearance garages. Swing out doors can also yield a certain old-fashioned look which is important to some of those looking for a carriage style garage door.

Beyond the basic functional design of the garage door, options typically include raised panels and windows. Raised panels are available in long or short variations and a variety of different beveled edge designs. Carriage style doors may not utilize raised panels in their design, opting for a more natural wooden construction inspired look. Window options are numerous as the shape, number, and grille layouts.

A garage door can also be classified by the material of construction. Most doors are metal, either aluminum or steel, though wood, faux-wood, and composite doors are available as well. Some materials lend themselves to custom painting while others come in predefined color options. The material chosen can dramatically effect longevity of the door as well as efficiency. Some garage doors are available insulated which boosts thermal efficiency and often makes the garage a more usable area of the home year-round.

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