How To: Open Your Garage Door Manually

If you've tried opening your garage door with the remote and the wall switch but the door is completely unresponsive, your opener is likely bad. Assuming your door is not off track, you can open the garage door manually in order to get your vehicle out. Even though garage door repair companies like Garage Door Guru are quick to respond, you may be in a bind and need to get your vehicle out more quickly. Opening your garage door manually is an option and you can do it on your own with some guidance.

Your garage door opener pulls the garage door open with a chain or belt. In order to allow manual operation of the door, the chain or belt has to be released from the door. Typically, there is a red rope connected to this system that serves as a manual release. Do not pull this release without first being 100% sure the door is on-track, closed, flush with the ground, and not locked. Also make sure your spring and cables are in tract and straight. If your door passes these checks, you can pull the release cord and open the door. Even though the garage door is heavy, the garage door torsion spring will help carry the load. If you can't move the door or if the door is very heavy, do not attempt to force it.

Once the opener has been repaired, it can be re-attached to the garage door. To re-attach the garage door opener, slowly close the garage door, again being 100% sure the door is on-track, closed, flush with the ground, and not locked. Situate the release cable back into place and pull it toward the garage door to return it to the lock position. Once the opener is functional and begins to open the door, it will fully lock the system back into place for normal operation.

As always, contact your local garage door repair professional before attempting any work on your garage door!

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