Winterize Your Garage Door in 4 Easy Steps

The weather is getting colder, ice is forming on your windshield each morning, the Holidays are approaching quickly, and the last thing on your mind is your garage door. There are some simple steps you can take to winterize your garage door and make sure it stays out of mind the rest of the season.

  1. Lubricate your springs and garage door opener rail. Springs often break when the weather gets cold and proper lubrication can help avoid this. Although lubrication doesn't guarantee springs won't break, it is a simple pro-active step you can take that may make the difference between a garage door repair call and a relaxing holiday.
  2. Garage doors can get harder for garage door openers to lift in cold temperatures. As temperatues get colder, your garage door can effectively seem 'heavier' to your garage door opener. Many modern garage door openers feature a force adjustment and some even feature auto-force settings. Adjusting your opener to use more force is an easy cheat that can help the door pull through minor issues and cold weather.
  3. If your door is obviously struggling to open, the spring tension may need to be increased. If the door can be opened manually and it is somewhat difficult/heavy to lift, the spring may simply need some more tension. If you think this is the case, call a professional to adjust the spring tension. Never adjust spring tension on your own as it can result in injury.
  4. One of the most effective steps you can take to prepare your garage door for winter is upgrading it! Upgrade to an insulated garage door or upgrade your current garage door by adding insulation. Ideally, an insulated garage door will have enclosed back panels and a high R-value. Polyurethane insulation options cost more up front but help pay for themselves over time. Upgraded to an insulated garage door will add utility to your garage for family gatherings or keep the area warmer for the family pet.

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