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New Showroom Open in South Charlotte / Fort Mill

We are proud to announce that the Garage Door Guru has opened a new showroom in South Charlotte. This showroom features full size garage door displays, helping us demonstrate the advantages of a new garage door while also helping us explain services and repairs. We also have a spacious meeting area where we can help you decide on the perfect garage door for your home.
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Reclaiming the Garage

Garages aren't just for cars or storage. We all know a garage can be used for extra usable space such as a recreation area, man-cave, or home office but pulling this off may seem overwhelming. After all, the garage is typically not clean and certainly not comfortable in hot or cold weather. Overcoming the challenges and reclaiming your garage can be a worthwhile investment.
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Keep Your Garage Cool This Summer

The hot weather can make your garage a dangerous heat box. Not only can this damage things in your garage such as electronics, but it can make it unusable space for you and your family. Keeping the garage door open and hoping for a breeze has a marginal success rate and invites debris and bugs in. Adding fans to the equation results in lots of noise and cables all over. There are better ways!
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Seal Your Garage From the Cold Weather

With the cold weather in full force, many garages tend to become refrigerators. Without proper preparation and hardware, the garage is no place to be in the cold. Fortunately, there are some simple steps to take that can help warm up the garage.
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